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Interested In Buying Property In Occitanie Property

Occitanie, the new French region comprised of the old regions of Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées, offers almost too much choice of destination for anyone looking at buying property in Occitanie France. The

What Makes France The Best Place For An Overseas Home?

France remains one of the most popular countries with U.K. buyers looking to purchase a overseas homes, being second only to Spain. It is easy to explain the ongoing popularity of Spain as the climate makes it a really good destination for the winter months. A small flat in a Spanish holi

This morning, in Somerset, I awoke to blue skies and frosty fields. The brightness, which replaced the many grey days on an English winter, made me aware of how much I miss all the winters I have spent in France. Having lived in

Is Now The Time To Buy French Property?

With so much confusion in the world it is hardly surprising that we are so often asked whether it is sensible to look for French houses for sale at the moment. I personally believe that there has never been a better time!

Firstly, once you

Buying French property

Many people hold onto the dream of buying a property in France for years and years. Some of them never get around to it but spend many years looking to buy French prope

Steam Train from Limoges to Eymoutiers

Limousin consisted of three departments. Creuse is the smallest and least populated, in fact it used to boast the thinnest Pages Jaune (yellow pages) in the whole of France! I love the wildness of Creuse but chose to m

Limousin is now called Nouvelle-Aquitaine...

Bargain French Property Limousin, has now become part of the new region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine France. Despite its new name, the old region of Limousin

All about Limousin, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Limousin, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, is commonly accepted to be the heart of rural France. I simply love it! The old region known as Limousin has been amalgamated with Aquitaine and Poitou-Charentes to become the largest regio

Housing Costs In France

Most Brits who own a property in France choose a rural location and such properties cost less than half the price of anything similar in the U.K. Similarly, rural property

Lifestyle When Owning A French House

If you own a house in France this time of year is one when you will experience a change in lifestyle. The long, warm days of summer in your French house, when life is li

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