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More Brits Wanting To Retire To France

Ever since the referendum we have noticed more Brits wanting to retire to France. At first this surprised us but when we remember that all the reasons for making the move to France remain – cheaper housing, calmer way of life, better climat

With the current uncertainty of the effects of Brexit on U.K. owners of French property we spoke to one of our recent clients who bought a house in France as a holiday home a few months ago for herself and her family and

Are You Interested In Living and buying Property In Charente?

The climate appeals to buyers of French property

Charente has long been a popular destination with Brits buying French property and still remains one of the favoured departements for the purchase of

Finding A French Property

The start of your search to find a French property can be really exciting but may quickly turn into a daunting experience! Yes, there are thousands of lovely French houses to drawl over o

When I Hatched The Home In France Plan

When I first hatched the plan of moving to France I was fired with enthusiasm and greeted the change in my life with huge anticipation. I spent weeks looking at websites in the search for

Viewing A House In France

So often, I have worked with prospective buyers who are enthusiastic about viewing French houses. They love the houses they see, they plan how their furniture will fit into each room as we look around, they talk about the

It’s Time To Make The Change – French Regions

From the beginning of 2016 France began reorganising itself by amalgamating some of the Departmental administrative Regions. This was purely an administrative exercise, probably provoked by the need to cut costs, but it does mean that, 3 years on, we all need to get used to the new names and b

Finance Buying A Property

Despite French Notaires reporting rising property prices in France, generally these price rises are most evident in towns and cities, particularly Paris, which luckily means that French rural property, the most popular purchase with Brits, is still a huge barga

Do You Want To Buy A Property For Renovation

Many people would like to buy a property in France but think that it is something they couldn’t afford; that owning a second home abroad is just outside their budget. However, the good news is that if you have the time and some basic DI

Have You Thought About living in Languedoc-Roussillon

Autumn was probably my favourite season when I lived in Languedoc-Roussillon, now incorporated with other departements and known as Occitanie. Summer was wonderful with the certainty of long, hot, sunny days but

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