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With such an enormous length of coastline (almost 5,000kms) France offers some amazing locations for anyone looking for a coastal property. However, such properties come at a price, which is usually up between 30%-50% above the price for similar property in the area. As with most property in France, the further south you choose to buy the higher the price, culminating in coastal property in Cote D'Azur which can only be viewed by millionaires. If you are determined to buy a coastal property but do not have a large budget then it is worth looking at apartments in Languedoc-Roussillon or Charente Maritime. They may not be beautiful but you may be able to get a sea view at a reasonable price. Alternatively, it is worth considering buying a property on the coastal plain, maybe 20 minutes from the coast. This could give you an attractive property at a reasonable price and with easy access to the coast.

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