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Farmhouses for sale in France

The traditional French farmhouse has always been a popular purchase amongst U.K. buyers who are usually tempted by the thought of a detached property surrounded by its own land. However, farmhouses vary in style across the country as they were obviously built to meet the needs of the farming community which varied across France. As you move from northern France, where most farms are small dairy farms and where the single storey longere is the most frequently seen style of farmhouse to further south, you notice a change as farms tend to be larger with many more outbuildings. Then on to the south where farming changes again and there are fewer farmhouses as the owners of the vineyards normally lived in the villages as they were not needed on their land all day and every day and preferred to live in the community. Buyers looking for a traditional French farmhouse will be viewing different styles and size of property according to the area of France they have chosen.

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