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The region known as Limousin, which consists of Haute Vienne, Creuse and Correze, has been incorporated in the new region of Nouvelle Aquitaine since 2016. The area is situated at the top end of southwest France and has often been referred to as France profonde or the French Lake District. To my mind, however, Limousin most resembles the Cotswolds in the U.K. It's a very good area in which to buy French property because of its beauty, accessibility and property prices.

Scenically, the rolling countryside of Limousin consists of meadows, woods, rivers and lakes interspersed with pretty hamlets and flower filled villages.  It is typically very rural but one is never far away from a small bustling market towns and there are many picturesque riverside towns such as Beaulieu and the larger cultural centre of Limoges, famous for its porcelain industry. Just about every village and town has a weekly market and seasonal produce is reflected in the menus of the numerous, small local restaurants.

If you to choose to buy property in Limousin you will be buying into an area where the quality of  life will be more important than the quantity of your possessions. There are very few chateaux in Limousin and most property is either delightful farmhouses or cottages surrounded by orchards and vegetable gardens or pretty village houses. Your neighbours are almost certain to be welcoming as long as you treat them with the respect that anyone who chooses to live off the land deserves.

In your new property in Limousin your social life is likely to revolve around aperitifs with friends and neighbours, trips to the market, tending your garden and the occasional visit to English or French speaking films, a concert, opera or ballet. Come the hot days of summer, swimming in the many rivers and lakes or lazing in the garden are a must, probably followed by a barbecue under the starry night sky.

Life in Limousin is as gentle as the<

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