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Find Your Maison De Reve!

Find Your Maison De Reve!

French Property for Sale

There is so much property for sale in France but the problem can be, how to choose the right one for you. Let Healey Fox help. We know France, we understand the French culture and we love its properties and our service is free. So many different styles, sizes, conditions and prices. Buying a house in France can be a minefield. We work with the best property agents in France, making sure you have a perfect property buying experience.  

Buying a property in France is an adventure

Buying a property in France is an adventure but using the services of Healey Fox ensures that it's a safe adventure. We have more than 30 year’s experience and we work with the very best agencies in France. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Find Your Maison De Reve!


Find Your Maison De Reve!


The French Lake District

The French Lake District – Limousin and Haute-Charente

The Lake District of Central France The Limousin and Haute-Charente are known as the Lake District of France. A name well deserved as apart from the well known resort lakes,
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Autumn season Limousin France

Memories of Autumn in Limousin France

  Golden Leaves of The Limousin Autumn in France As the autumn leaves start to fall and the the smell of woodsmoke is carried on the crisp air I remember with warm feel
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A chateau in the Loire

7 Days To Grab A Bargain

This amazing, fully restored Château, only 1hr.15min from Paris went to auction yesterday. Some buyers had not completed their bidding so the final date for bids has been ext
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French property in lot-et-garonne

Lifestyle and Property in Lot-et-Garonne

U.K. buyers choose to buy property in Lot-et-Garonne for holiday homes or to move into full time. For holidaymakers and full time residents alike it is a delightful department
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Graveyard Flowers

Toussaint, All Saints, 1st November

Halloween In France, Catholic Church Honours Its Saints Toussaint which translates as All Saints is celebrated on the 1st November and is the day when the Catholic Church hon
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Normandy Painting

Impressions of Normandy France

When you mention Normandy to the Brits they most often think of D-Day landings and the beaches of World War 2, Mont St. Michel and its Gothic Abbey, the Bayeux tapestry, Mone
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