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France consistently maintains its position as the second most favoured overseas destination for UK property buyers. When our clients talk to us about why they want to buy French property they usually quote ease of access, climate, traditional values, variety of landscape and lovely property at good prices (in no particular order) as their reasons for buying a holiday or full time home in France.

Ease of access is certainly important to people when they think about property for sale in France. The closeness of France means that travel is cheap and quick making short breaks possible for themselves and for family, friends and even the family pet. If access is important to you it is wise to check out the various ways you can access the destination of your choice before you decide to buy your French property. Nearly all of France is well served by airports, most of which are accessed by the low cost companies as well as scheduled airlines, the TGV speeds people from London to all parts of the country, boats arrive at ports along the channel coast and west coast and, of course, there are the autoroutes for speedy journies or the beautiful country roads for those who have the time to arrive slowly.

France offers a variety of climate to satisfy most people's needs. Northern France down to just above the Loirehas a similar climate to southern England with the north-west coast being a little more reliable than south-west England. However, once you get south of the Loire the climate becomes more Mediterranean. From Charente Maritime heading south down to the Spanish border winters are mild and summers are warm and sunny. Crossing from central west to central east France you begin to lose mild winters the nearer you get to the mountains but you retain the sunny summers which can be even hotter than on the west coast due to the lack of sea breezes. Then, of course, there is the south of France with the true Mediterranean climate which offers cold and sunny winters and hot and sunny summers, in fact this area boasts 300 days of sunshine a year.

The traditional lifestyle, particularly of rural France, is something that many of our clients love about France. There is a love of the seasons, food is local, recipes are the same as served by grandmothers, fetes and festivals are simple pleasures enjoyed by locals, the family is the focus of social life and there is respect for young and old alike. Once you know the country it comes as no surprise that so many people are interested in French property for sale.

Nor is it any wonder that until recently, the French never holidayed outside of France. It really does have something for everyone. From the sandy beaches of northern France, through the apple orchards of Normandy, the romantic forests of Brittany, the vast wheat fields of Centre and on to the Loire, known as the Valley of Kings, everywhere the countryside and towns offer delightful settings for living. Crossing through the rolling hills and lakes of Limousin to the sunflower fields of Charente and on to the Atlantic coast of Charente Maritime, you can be spoilt for choice of destinations. Heading further south through Dordogne, beloved of so many Brits, through Tarn et Garonne and Haute Garonne the landscape becomes more rugged with gorges and waterfalls and amazing medieval villages, some sitting high on the rocky outcrops. Along the Mediterranean coast, it is what you would expect - coves, long sandy beaches, cypress groves, lavender fields and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Our tour ends up at the top end of Provence in Vaucluse and into Drôme, both areas enjoying all the benefits of the south of France without the tourists. Long hot, sunny days with the sound of cicadas, the rustling of the olive trees, markets abounding in Mediterranean food and cafés in which to enjoy pastis. Yes, France really has a special corner for everyone which is why so many people buy French property.

Finally, people consider French property for sale because they fall in love with the amazing houses they can buy. Whatever your budget you will find a charming, or a potentially charming, home in France. Generally, the further south you head the higher the price but even in the south there are pockets of affordable properties. Enjoy looking through our web site where you will find so many delightful French properties for sale or call us so that we can help you buy a property in France.

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Wedding Present

€ 3150000

8 Bedroom French Property

Property in Pays de La Loire, Mayenne, France

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Room Service - Chateau With 4 Bedroom Gite And 2 Hectar...

€ 1785000

18 Bedroom French Property

Property in Pays de La Loire, Mayenne, France