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The very best time to move to France is now Following the joint statement issued on the 8th December by Jean-Claude Juncker and Theresa May we now know that U.K. citizens permanently registered to live in France by March 2019 will have their residency status, including health benefits p

Christmas In France

Owning a property in France is a wonderful experience all year around but enjoying Christmas in your own home in France is a very special treat. Despite France being so close to the U.K.
Why People Buy Property In Dordogne For many people Dordogne, in South West France has become synonymous with France when considering buying French property, so much so that it has often been labelled Dordogneshire! An Eng
Brits Are Buying French Properties Thanks To The Way Of Life And The Climate When it comes to buying a home abroad, France has for many years attracted the second largest number of British buyers, being supplanted only by Spain.
Choosing Between A House In France Or A House In Spain Mostly our clients contact us because they know they want to buy a French property but occasionally we find ourselves discussing the rival virtues of France and Sp
Skiing in the Pyrenees, South West France Despite the current mildness of winter, people lucky enough to own a house in France are beginning to look forward to the skiing season. I recently spoke to Jonathan who works with our partner agency in Hau
2 Bedroom House In Sought-After Eymet €125,000 Property ref 1023-EY Historically Low Rates Available With French Mortgages
It’s usually a heart wrenching decision when you decide to sell your house in France and often not made easier by the process involved in selling French property, a process which can be costly, slow and conf
If you decide to sell your French house privately then you will be undertaking more work than if you go down the route of using a French agency. You may, of course, decide to use both methods to find a buyer and as long as you sign a ‘mandat de vente simple’ with the agency,
Haute-Garonne in the Midi-Pyrenees The Midi-Pyrenees region was amalgamated with Languedoc-Rousillon in January 2016 and forms the largest region of France. It’s centre is Toulouse which boasts a young po