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La Rentrée 2020

Do you remember that feeling of going back to school? That nervous excitement of seeing your friends for the first time in ages. Who has been abroad or got a new haircut? Will my pals like my new rucksack? Well this concept is a long held tradition in France come the end of the summer holidays,
The National Assemblée approved French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s plan for ‘déconfinement’ – a step by step return to normal for certain parts of French life which came into effect on Monday, including the wearing of masks on public transport, limited numbers for gatherings in p
Do You Want To Buy A Property For Renovation Many people would like to buy a property in France but think that it is something they couldn’t afford; that owning a second home abroad is just outside their budget. However,
Are You Looking For Property In France? North, South, East, West – where to look for Property in France Everyone who decides to look for property for sale in France has their own needs
Excellent Value, Wonderful Lifestyle In Languedoc South Of France So often people think of the South of France as being the destination of the rich and privileged. The very sound of it conjures up an image of the Côte d’Azur with Nice, Cannes and St Tropez offering a superbly decadent
What Happens on a Viewing Trip? So …. you have spent hours, weeks and possibly months searching through websites looking at property for sale in France to find the house that seems right for you. Finally, the

The French Climate

Diverse Climates In France Being bordered by four seas and three mountain ranges the French climate is incredibly diverse. Not only is it made up of five different types of climate but within each of these types, there are numerous microclimates. As so many people quote climate as be
Health Conscious? Come and live in France Is there any country more focussed on good food and family exercise than France?  Long distance walking paths, cycle routes, local grown food, these are not recent fads in France, these are the way the French have always lived their lives. L
Vaucluse, the heart of Roman France Many of us dream of the blue skies and warm sunshine of the South of France with its guarantee of hot, sunny summers and pleasant winters. However, for many buyers the cost of property,
Languedoc – A Stunningly Beautiful Region Of France The only problem with holidaying in Languedoc is that it is such a stunningly beautiful region of France with a beautiful climate that it entices holidaymakers from all over the world. So if you are