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About Aquitaine

About Aquitaine

Aquitaine regional description 

The region of Aquitaine in South West France consists of the departments Lot et Garonne, Dordogne, Gironde, Les Landes and Pyrénées Atlantiques.  It has recently merged with Limousin and Poitou-Charentes to form Nouvelle Aquitaine but under this regional section we will be covering just some of the regions of the old Aquitaine, our two favourite regions, Dordogne and Lot et Garonne. They are the two departments in the region with no coastline, both being defined by their rivers, the River Dordogne which rises in the Auvergne and enters the Atlantic at the Gironde Estuary and the Rivers Lot and Garonne. With these major waterways threading their way through the countryside this is a good area for anyone wanting to buy French property where they can indulge in fishing, boating or swimming. But the rivers are not only the special features of this part of France there are wooded slopes, sunflower fields and rolling hills interspersed with medieval villages, castles, manors, dovecotes and windmills. The architecture is as charming as the rural settings of most houses in Dordogne and houses in Lot et Garonne. Aquitaine is also a region which delights in its many summer festivals, from music, pottery, art and wine there is always a reason to shut the streets, call in the musicians and dancers and celebrate with friends, neighbours and visitors.

Country cottages and seasonal produce

The countryside and the architecture are both major attractions in these regions, from delightful stone country cottages with umbrella roofs to farmhouse gÎte complexes and on to grand mansions, always the architecture is simply charming. Lovers of character properties are spoilt for choice on a property viewing trip to Dordogne or Lot et Garonne. With such a lovely landscape, wonderful climate, fun way of life, it is amazing that such beautiful properties in Aquitaine should still be so reasonably priced. The departments enjoy very comfortable climates, early springs, long warm summers, delightful autumns and cold, crisp winters. This climate allows the numerous street markets to flourish all the year round where the stalls abound in local, seasonal produce.   Apart from the fruit and vegetables, early asparagus being very special,  the area is also renowned for its duck, goose and black truffles all of which combine with the local Bergerac or Bordeaux wines to create a feast fit for any occasion.

Getting to your home in Aquitaine

It is hard to differentiate between Dordogne and Lot et Garonne and most people find they move between the two departments without noticing any change in landscape, climate or way of life. It is usual that the final location chosen for the purchase of a house in France is driven by finding the right property whether it be a house in Dordogne or a house in Lot et Garonne. Access to the area from the UK is easy. Bergerac Airport is well situated for properties. Either Dordogne or Lot et Garonne and has budget flights from many U.K. Airports. For people wanting scheduled flights then Bordeaux Airport is also readily accessible now that the new E70 autoroute is completed. Anyone who prefers to enjoy the drive through the French countryside to finally arrive at their home will find access simple, the area being well served by a network of motorways direct from the channel ports. Buying your dream French property starts with Healey Fox