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Why We Moved To France

Why We Moved To France

Why We Moved To France


Liam & Rebecca French Property Buyers

British Buyer Stories From France

It is always interesting to talk to people who have decided to make the move to France. Earlier this summer I was lucky enough to spend time talking to Liam and Rebecca who bought a house with the assistance of our French agent in Gers. I was particularly interested to find out why and how they had started their search. Their replies are here:-

Our family had left home and we decided it was time for us to start a new life. We chose France to be our destination because we knew we could find good value for our money.

We started by randomly searching on Rightmove with space, inside and outside, being our main criteria plus a climate that would give us more sun and warmth than we had in the U.K

Continuing randomly, with the southern part of France as a focus, we then looked at the photos of houses on the web sites. It was definitely the images of the houses that made as read the descriptions. I have to admit to being completely driven by the look of the property. After a few months of searching web sites we found a few properties we wanted to view and we set off for France.

Our search area was still quite random stretching from Aude to Gers and with appointments with various agents, but on our last day we found the house that offered us everything we wanted. We couldn’t believe our luck, we found a property more than three times the size of our U.K. property with wonderful grounds and set in a pretty village, for less than the value of our current home in Somerset. Not only had we found the house of our dreams but after dealing with several agents across France, we also felt pretty sure that we had found an agent who would be looking after our interests all the way.

The story of Liam’s and Rebecca’s will continue next week as I detail the difficulties they encountered and how they overcame them to finally be able to move into their new home in France.