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With a different country, language, culture and legal system, buying in France can be a difficult exercise to get right. The Healey Fox website offers you the tools and information to assist you on your new journey.

The website is laid out in a fashion, which allows you to follow the different steps required to buy the right property, in the right area with minimum fuss.

How to buy and where to buy

1. It is imperative to choose the right area. France offers a variety of landscapes, architecture, weather and lifestyles. All too often people focus solely on the property and place little or no importance on the area itself. With our regional guides (see left menu) combined with our extensive property database, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

It is important to consider what you want and need from the area. Access is key. If you are buying a holiday home, it is imperative you can easily access your property from your point of departure. If it is a permanent move, you may wish to consider access for family and friends. Alternatively you may want to be as far away as possible from people!

Climate is another key factor for some.

Lifestyle is also a key consideration. Are you looking for cafe culture, seclusion, historic attractions, skiing, cycling or the glitz and glamour of the South of France.

2. Avoid if possible choosing an area where your budget is unrealistic or stretched. At any one time it will be advantageous, if there are a handful or more suitable properties available. Of course there are times where this may not be possible, for example you may be looking for a campsite.

3. Discuss your property and area requirements with your chosen agent or agents. Once you are satisfied they can help, it will be beneficial to spend a full day with them. It is important to work with the agent when selecting suitable properties. There is only so much you can gauge from a website.

4. Check if your agents are available before booking your travel. August can be a bad time to view property in France as many agents close for holidays and a lot France shuts down.

5. Decide what your budget is and arrange finance if required. If you are aiming to buy with a mortgage, speak to a mortgage broker or bank to obtain an agreement in principle at the beginning of your search (see property services section for mortgage assistance and all other property services).

6. Open an account with a currency broker. They will normally offer you a better rate than a high street bank.

7. You may wish to seek extra legal assistance to protect your purchase. The Notaire will offer some protection, however this is not normally the same as you would receive from your UK solicitor. The French Notaire works for both the vendor and the buyer. One of their primary tasks is to collect the stamp duty for the French government. It is worth researching suitable firms in advance of your purchase. Ensure they are independent of the agent selling you the property.

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