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The Transhumance

The Transhumance

The Transhumance


April's Transhumance.

April’s Rocamadour’s Transhumance

April is the month when the farmers and herders take their sheep and goats from the lowland pastures up to the fields on the higher limestone plateau. It’s worth checking out the dates locally if you are in the area at this time looking at French properties as it is a sight to behold. Rocamadour’s transhumance is between the 11th and 15th April but there are many others throughout the departments. The sheep all have different colour marks on their wool to identify the herds to which they belong so present a colourful sight. Some people just go to watch as they pass by, others go to enjoy the displays of working sheep dogs, sheep shearing and wool weaving and yet others follow the herd for the whole four of five days of the walk.

Author: Healey Fox - French Property Experts

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