Granville, just down the coast from Gouville-sue-Mer, is known as the Monaco of the north. It is a delightful, bustling port and was the first shellfish port of France. On the outskirts of Granville is the old home of Christian Dior, open daily from 8th April until the 24th September. It is easy

The 30th April sees the seasonal start of the visits to the oyster beds in Gouville-sur-Mer. These trips are great fun as you are taken around the oyster beds in a horse drawn carriage and after the viewing you do, of course, get a tasting to enjoy with a glass of champagne. The visits can be don

Céret Cherry Festival

Céret in Pyrenées Orientales is the home of the famous Cherry Festival which takes place on the 20th,and 21st May this year. When those of us in the U.K. are still wondering when summer will arrive it is amazing to think that this part

News From Provence


Avignon Celebrates Les Nuits Flamencas

From the 18th May to the 3rd June Spain comes to Avignon to celebrate Les Nuits Flamencas. There is definitely something thrilling about flamenco dancing and it makes for an unforgettable evening spent with a glass or two of sangria. I always find i

Guérande Holds Its Medieval Fair

There’s a good event coming up in Guérande, which is only an hour and a half away from Angers…and well worth the journey. Firstly, the medieval walled town overlooking the salt marshes and peat bogs is a fascinating place to see and on May 2

First Brexit, then the US election and now France is non-stop news with the chaos of its election. Will the outcome affect U.K. buyers of property in France? (more…)


Home From Home


Life In The Limousin

The joy of life in Limousin is that, for so many people, although it may be more rural than that which they have been used to in the U.K., it is the one they recall from their childhood or the one they have always dreamt of. There is a sense of ‘coming homeR

A Rural Idyll


Limousin Scenery

Scenically, the rolling countryside of Limousin consists of meadows, woods, rivers and lakes interspersed with pretty hamlets and flower filled villages.  It is typically very rural but one is never far away from a small bustling market town. There are many picturesque

Easy Living In The Poitou-Charentes

Many UK buyers who have bought property in Poitou-Charentes report how easy it is to feel at home in this region. The landscape is gentle, the climate is mild, there are other English speaking people around and the UK is not t

Life In The Poitou-Charentes

Despite the rural nature of most of Poitou-Charentes there is plenty to see and do. The mild, sunny climate is ideal for all the fairs and festivals held throughout the summer season. If you are not close enough to the sea to cool down there are plenty of lei