For all lovers of Country Music

July 13th to July 16th is the time to visit Gers in Southwest France for all lovers of country, folk and blues music. The Bastide town of Mirande will resound to music for 16 hours a day from many country music bands from all over the world. This is the pr

The French Picnic


Picnic Like The French!

If you are planning to own a house in France then you may need to seriously reconsider your attitude to picnics and the contents of them. In France a picnic is taken as seriously as every meal. It will happen between 12.00 and 2.00 when out of the car boot will come

Fête de la Musique – 21 June
This international festival was set up in 1982 in France to celebrate amateur music. There are no rules about what is played, where it is played or who plays, the only rule is that every event must be free and that it should always be held on the night of

International Garden Festival, Loire

 From,the 20th April until the 5th November Chaumont-sur-Loire hosts the 26th International Garden Festival. This festival attracts visitors from all over the world to see the work of more than thirty artists and

Missed the London Marathon? Come to Mont St Michel in Normandy

May 28th sees 5,000 runners set off from Concale to run a marathon around the Baie du Mont St. Michel for a race against the sea to arrive at the famous Abbey before they get their feet wet. With the Mont St. M

Stop press – Gers welcomes a new President
We have just heard from Sarah Day who heads our new partner agency in Gers that there were no votes cast for Le Pen in their commune in the election this weekend. Gers, and particularly Masseube where the agency is based, obviously wants to c

Lez’Arts de la Rue
6-10 June Auch

Street dance, street music and street art all come to Auch on the 6-10th June. This is a time to see the latest and best in all forms of street performing. Apart from skateboarding, rollerblading, street dancing and street concerts, Auch certai

La Nuit des Musées – Saturday 20th May
This amazing free event was established in Berlin in 1997 and has now spread throughout Europe and also to many other parts of the world. However, there can be nowhere better to enjoy it than in France. It is often referred to as The Long Night

As a company specialising in helping U.K. people to buy homes in France, Healey Fox find that the average age of our buyers is 45 to 60 and that all of them are looking to buy a property to enjoy in their retirement or even to enjoy their retirement in!

Many people have enjoyed holidays in

The weekend of May 5-7th is when the traditional Fête du Papogay takes place in Rieix-Volvestre in the south of Haute Garonne. The traditions celebrated go back to 1346 when the English Edward II defeated Phillipe VI by using bows and arrows. The company of archers set up the festival In 1589 si