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France’s Quality Of Life

Having just returned from six days in the Charente Maritime I have been smitten again by the great difference between life in the U.K. and life in France. If I had to choose one word to sum it up it would be quality. There is a quality to life in France whi

Limousin Leisure Lakes

Limousin, often referred to as La France Profonde, is also known as the Lake District of France and summer is a wonderful time to enjoy the pleasures of some of these lakes. This region, in the centre of France, is a water wonderland with thousands of streams and r

The Magnificent Versailles Chateaux

For anyone heading off this summer to view French property for sale it really would make a wonderful addition to your trip to divert to Versailles. Apart from the magnificence of the Chateau and its beautiful grounds there are two special events happenin

Bastille Day


France’s National Day, Bastille Day

July 14th is fast approaching so it’s time to get your visit to France organised to enjoy the national holiday and to view some French properties for sale.

La Fête Nationale is a wonderful day to be in France. Every hamlet, village,

Wondering how other clients finally decide to make the move to France?
Here is information from an interview I recently did with a couple who have recently moved to France to run a bed and breakfast business in Ger

Avignon Festival


Avignon Festival 6th July to the 26th July

One of summer’s highlights for me, when living in the South of France, was the Avignon Festival which is a precursor to the Edinburgh Festival. It takes place from 6th July to the 26th July with the courtyard of the Palais des Papes being at i

Tour de France


Tour de France Saturday July 1st to Sunday July 23th 2017

It’s nearly time for the great race to begin. This year the Grand Départ is from Düsseldorf on the Ist July. The website gives you full information of when and where you might catch a glimpse of Le Tour as it races its wa

When most of us set out to buy a house in France we tend to search for the perfect French home, ‘the one’. We probably have a picture in our head of what this will look like and what features it will have; the gorgeous view, the blue shutters, the wooden floors, stone fireplaces, lots of orig

For all lovers of Country Music

July 13th to July 16th is the time to visit Gers in Southwest France for all lovers of country, folk and blues music. The Bastide town of Mirande will resound to music for 16 hours a day from many country music bands from all over the world. This is the pr

The French Picnic


Picnic Like The French!

If you are planning to own a house in France then you may need to seriously reconsider your attitude to picnics and the contents of them. In France a picnic is taken as seriously as every meal. It will happen between 12.00 and 2.00 when out of the car boot will come